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What To Consider When Divorce Is Your Only Option

Moving forward through a divorce can be an uncertain and stress-filled time. Will your children adapt well to their new family dynamics? Will your marital settlement agreement be accurate? What about unforeseen changes?

When your circumstances include multiple properties, art collections, collectibles, businesses, high-value animals, or children from other marriages, it is best to work with an experienced divorce attorney. The law is clear, and you need someone who knows what that law is. 

You need someone to help you negotiate, mediate and litigate, protecting your best interests and those of your family in matters concerning:

At Erika L. Cossitt Volpiano P.C., our firm is experienced in the full range of divorce matters, including domestic violence, estate planning, and real estate law.

Take control of your future.

Making Decisions In The Best Interest Of Your Children Can Be Challenging

Determining decision-making authority and how your child will share their time with parents during or after a divorce or separation can be a complex process. Separating parents seldom agree on what’s in “the best interests” of their child.

The family courts have guidelines for creating appropriate parenting time plans. If parents cannot agree on their own, the court will make a custody decision based on the child’s best interests.

Some of the factors the court considers include:

When your family dynamic shifts, you need a reliable lawyer who will protect your most important relationships.

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