Marital Contracts

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Marital Contracts Can Level The Playing Field With Clear Communication

When you are entering a marriage, the world is your oyster. Most couples do not anticipate ending their relationship in a fray of hostility. Community property may not be at the forefront in the preparation stages of a marriage. However, if they become necessary in time, premarital agreements can be critically important to resolving issues that arise during a marriage or the dissolution of a marriage.

Working with an experienced lawyer ahead of time can be a cost-effective investment. Erika L. Cossitt Volpiano P.C. has been helping people create solutions for over 30 years. Our firm finds that anticipating remedies to potential conflict is sometimes the best way to begin a relationship. We can draft legal documents, including:

Premarital Agreements

Address acquisition of assets during a marriage, designation of retirement accounts, community property issues during the dissolution.

Postnuptial Agreements

Manage employment arrangements, household responsibilities, property and art purchases, asset separation.

Cohabitation Agreements

Designate domestic tasks, assign legal authority as an agent...and more.

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Take control of your future.

Who Gets Your Pets When You Can No Longer Live Together?

While no one foresees conflict arising when moving in together, drafting legal documents such as cohabitation agreements ahead of time can help to minimize “move-out drama” in the long term. Clear communication — even including who gets “custody” of your pets — at the start of a joint venture will make living together a long-term experience.

Long-term cohabitation agreements can be vital in other ways. When you are not legally married, your cohabitating partner does not have the legal authority to speak to your doctors or sign legal documents for you should you suddenly become ill or incapacitated and cannot care for yourself. When you completely trust your partner to become your agent for these purposes, you need an attorney that can help you draft legal documents for this purpose, including:

Get the comprehensive counsel and advice you need to make sound decisions about your important cohabitation legal documents.

Take control of your future.

An Experienced And Compassionate Attorney To Protect Your Rights

Ms. Cossitt Volpiano is a certified family law specialist in Arizona who has seen all facets of how people change and the disputes that arise. She can help you create legal documents to ease the pressure during times of disagreement with another person. Call our firm in Tucson at 520-795-2235 to schedule a consultation. You may also reach out to the firm online. Ask about our discount for military and first responder clients.