A Better Alternative

This process is more effective in providing a resolution. It’s also less expensive and faster than traditional litigation, which can take years to resolve.

What Is Mediation?

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Mediation is the process where parties meet privately with a trained mediator who guides them as they discuss their divorce or family disagreements and helps resolve their conflicts without having to appear before a judge. 

Mediation isn’t just for couples who cannot communicate, but for those who wish to control the outcome of their case and prefer privacy during this sensitive time in their lives. We know how difficult this situation can be. You don’t have to go through this alone. As an experienced mediator, we will help you find your way out of conflict allowing you to move on with your life. Let us show you how mediation can be a better alternative to a court proceeding.

The Benefits Of Mediation In Family Law Conflicts?

A signed settlement — which we can submit to the court — is the ideal end goal of the mediation process. Ultimately, the benefits of mediation include—privacy and not exposing court staff and others to the confidential matters in your settlement.

Resolution To Several Issues Simultaneously

Mediation can also address divorce modifications, child custody, child protection services matters, and property division.

Control Over The Result​

Agreements are tailored to your agreed issues. If you disagree, you do not have to include it.


Mediation is less expensive than battling it out in the courtroom. Our firm offers over 30 years of experience, and we are ready to help you find the best solution for the outcome you have in mind.

See if mediation is right for you. To learn more, please get in touch with Erika L. Cossitt Volpiano P.C. in Tucson at 520-333-6589. You may also briefly describe your circumstances using our online form. We offer active military and first responder clients a discount.

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