What to Look For in an Arizona Mediation Services Firm

Arizona Mediation Services Firm
Divorce is a personal and exhausting process. It is often difficult to negotiate with your spouse, and there tends to be plenty of negative sentiment that comes with changing your entire family’s life with a divorce. Because of this, it is best to go through the process with a firm you trust and respect. Finding a mediator you connect with, there can be less arguing and negativity throughout the process. 
While plenty of attorneys offer family mediation services in Arizona, it is best if you find the one that works for you and your spouse. Although every couple could value different characteristics in an Arizona divorce mediation firm, here is a general starting point to help you find the right one for you.


When searching for a mediation services firm for your divorce, you must select a firm you trust. A good mediator will guide the discussion and help both parties reach an amicable compromise. If you or your spouse doesn’t trust the mediator, it won’t be easy to finalize the process. The mediator will inspire trust and let both parties know they are there for them. Without trust, it can be difficult for clients to discuss important information necessary for a mediation session. Having a trustworthy mediator allows both parties to be more cooperative.


Finding a mediator with patience is another significant part of choosing the right mediator. Mediators will need to sit through some possibly infuriating discussions where one or both parties will be unreasonable. This part of the process can be challenging to sit through, but a good mediator is patient and understanding. A suitable mediator will not raise their voice and take the time necessary to get their clients their end goal. Mediation can sometimes also lead to discussing sensitive topics that patiently need sorting through until an acceptable agreement is reached. 

Communication Skills

In a mediation session, a good mediator will lead a discussion about each of the assets and how you should separate them. With many raw emotions in the air, disagreement can break out, and the parties may start to argue. A good mediator will also help keep the conversations neutral and steer them back into place if someone starts to get upset or accuses the other party of wrongdoing.


Impartiality is arguably the most important virtue in a mediator. The purpose of mediation is to come to an agreement privately without the decision of a judge. Basically, this means the mediator will need to take on the role of the judge and see to it that the agreement is fair. The mediator will also help ensure neither side gets taken advantage of, and they compromise a normal amount. For example, sometimes, if one partner is more dominant than the other, they may try to bully the other spouse into agreeing to poor terms. But with an impartial third party controlling the rules, both parties must be fair. A strong yet impartial mediator is precisely what is needed to leave your session with an amicable decision.

ELCV LAW Arizona Family Court Mediation

ELCV LAW is an Arizona custody mediation firm that specializes in helping spouses go through a painless as possible divorce. Erika L. Cossitt Volpiano, PC., is a divorce mediator in Tuscon who values establishing a connection with her clients and working through the solution together. Her guidance can help her clients open up and communicate their needs, ensuring the agreement is fair for both parties. She has been able to improve many partners’ relationships even after they have divorced. Take control of your future, and contact ELCV LAW today at 520-795-2235 or visit our website at www.elcvlaw.com.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is for informational purposes only and should not take the place of actual legal advice. Not all circumstances are the same, and it is suggested that you should seek legal counsel if you need assistance in any of these areas.